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ZeroPak bring you the best vacuum sealing solutions for food!

Vacuum sealing keeps food fresher up to 5 times longer than normal storage, retaining nutrients, and saving you time, money and space in your fridge, freezer and cupboards. When you vacuum seal it prevents freezer burn, odours, mould and bacteria, not only will your food keep 5 times longer but it will be tastier too.

Michelle discusses the many uses for ZeroPak's vacuum sealers and canisters below.

Buy in bulk and vacuum seal in meal size packs. For quick easy meals cook in the bag in the microwave, sous vide or pot. Even liquids can be vacuum sealed fresh in the bag giving nice flat packs for your fridge and freezer, saving space, and for a quick defrost. 

Vacuum seal your pantry foods to retain freshness and stop contamination. You can even reseal open packets of food in their original bags.

ZeroPak are quality machines of European design and manufacture. With German raw materials and components, a 5 year warranty and fully repairable. The inline filter system protects the pump from liquid and dust giving a long life machine with low maintenance.

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